Intellectual Property & Technology

Intellectual Property & Technology

In this high stakes environment, Cox & Palmer is the partner you can trust to protect your interests.

Put simply, your interests are our top priority. Our multidisciplinary team of business, litigation, and employment lawyers, and patent and trademark agents have a full understanding of technology and intellectual property issues. Our timely and practical advice is tailored to your business and industry, based on a full understanding of your unique goals and aspirations.

From business formation and general business advice, to tax and securities structuring, we deliver the specific services you require. We advise owner-operated companies to corporations listed on the TSX in the entertainment, technology, intellectual property, telecommunications, energy and traditional business categories.

Key Service Areas:

  • Protecting intellectual property (securing patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets and other forms of intellectual property in all sectors) including registration and enforcement against infringement.
  • Proprietary rights agreements, joint venture agreements, software escrow contracts, outsourcing agreements, research and development agreements, distribution agreements, and all forms of licensing.
  • Patent, trademark & copyright litigation.
  • Domain name disputes under the CDRP and UDRP.
  • Joint venture agreements.
  • Optimizing tax incentives, scientific, research and development incentives.
  • Development of policies related to e-mail, Internet and electronic data interchange.
  • Compliance strategies for privacy, anti-spam and data protection laws.
  • Intellectual property management strategies.
  • Start-up formation and early stage/spin off corporation advice.
  • Assisting with debt and equity financing from banks, angel investors and venture capital organizations.
  • Intellectual property and technology commercialization and transactions (acquisition and divestiture of intellectual property and technology assets and businesses).

Registered Trademark Agents

Patrick Fitzgerald
Stewart Hayne
Josh McElman
Nicholas Mott
Aaron Savage

Registered Patent Agent

Stewart Hayne

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Why Universities are Rethinking Their Copyright Policies

For over a decade, universities have had free-rein to use copyright-protected work for the purposes of education, research, private study, criticism, review, news reporting, satire and/or parody, so long as their use of the work was considered “fair dealing”.

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