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We represent numerous healthcare facilities and professionals, as well as their respective insurers throughout Atlantic Canada.

We have significant experience in:

  • Medical negligence, disciplinary and regulatory matters
  • Employment and environmental (including medical waste management) liability
  • Medical and pharmaceutical product liability
  • Risk management
  • Claims management

Articles & Insights

Professional Regulation in the Era of Social Media: Strom v Saskatchewan Registered Nurses’ Association, 2020 SKCA 112

The long-awaited decision of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal in Strom v Saskatchewan Registered Nurses’ Association, 2020 SKCA 112, was recently released. The decision considers when and if members of a professional association can be sanctioned by their professional association for comments made on social media, as well as whether a professional association can infringe on a member’s Charter-protected freedom of speech in sanctioning members for off-duty conduct.

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