Crisis Management

A crisis can strike at any time.  To limit the impact of an emergency, planning, and preparedness are critical.  The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of thinking ahead and being ready for what’s on the horizon.  With coordinated and strategic advice from Cox & Palmer’s multi-disciplinary team, you and your organization will be in a strong position to effectively navigate a crisis.

The crisis management resources at Cox & Palmer include skilled problem solvers, experienced in assisting clients on how to handle a wide range of emergency situations with the goal of protecting their businesses from physical, financial, and reputational harm.

While we work to anticipate potential issues and insulate our clients through proactive planning and preparation, we have an experienced team ready to provide much needed advice and support when disaster strikes.

To augment our crisis management capabilities, we also work closely with a regional communications/public relations firm that is always on standby to successfully engage with our clients.

The communications aspects of a crisis cannot be underestimated.  Our colleagues will assist clients with scenario planning, develop media strategies and messaging, and provide training for company spokespeople with 24/7 on-site support.

Crises can arise in any industry, business or circumstance.  From public health emergencies and labour issues, or immigration delays to environmental disasters and data breaches, our crisis management team can provide you with cost-effective and timely solutions to your immediate needs.  This may involve commencing or defending urgent litigation, as well as taking statements from impacted parties from the outset and securing critical evidence, and developing a communications and legal strategy that will address and anticipate circumstances as they unfold.

There are three pillars to Cox & Palmer’s crisis management service offering:

  1. Proactive Crisis Scenario Planning – identifying stakeholders, threats, and internal liabilities (as well as data storage and collection methods) to develop a customized plan to meet the client’s needs.
  2. Triage – assessing the magnitude of an issue/level of crisis from both the legal and brand perspectives, and determining a comprehensive course of action.
  3. Crisis Response – responding with tailor-fit solutions specific to the magnitude of the crisis and an organization’s level of preparedness and internal resources.


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