Proactively manage risk and keep your construction project on track with advice from experienced lawyers.

We are trusted advisors for developers, contractors, project managers, engineers, architects, sureties and financial institutions across Atlantic Canada on all facets of construction projects.

There are numerous stages in the lifecycle of a construction project. The interested parties are many, and the stakes are often high. You can trust our legal counsel to effectively play a role throughout, with insightful guidance based on your specific needs. Should issues arise, our litigation team is on hand to resolve all manner of construction-related disputes.

Rely on our team for advice during:

  • Tendering
  • Development planning
  • Project management
  • Contract negotiation and interpretation
  • Project financing

Depending on your needs, our construction lawyers may involve their colleagues from specialty areas of law such as:

  • Environmental
  • Immigration
  • Insurance
  • Defence & Marine
  • Employment & Labour
  • Municipal
  • Tax

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Five years after repeal of the Public Tender Act, specific details of the operation of the Public Procurement Act (the “Act”) remain a mystery to many. This is concerning given the Act’s stated objectives of transparency and accountability. Debriefing is a key mechanism to meet these objectives but, based on client and industry interactions, it […]

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Rent-to-own agreements have become an increasingly popular option for individuals seeking to transition from renting to homeownership. These agreements allow renters to lease a property with the option to purchase it at a predetermined price after a specified period. While they can provide a flexible path to homeownership, rent-to-own agreements are not without their legal […]

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