Estate Litigation

Our litigation lawyers have a broad range of experience in estate litigation and related matters, especially when it concerns disputes between family members. While we strive to settle disputes through negotiation, we have significant trial experience in the event that issues cannot be resolved.

We advise estate trustees, executors, administrators and/or beneficiaries regarding all litigious or potentially litigious matters relating to estates including:

  • Validity of wills
  • Intestacy (no will)
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Dependant relief applications
  • Trust related disputes
  • Valuing estate assets
  • Appointment or removal of guardians


Visit Estates & Trusts for details related to estate planning and the administration of estates and trusts.

Articles & Insights

ChatJD, the Promises and Problems of AI in Law

Artificial Intelligence has stolen the spotlight of 2023. In particular, ChatGPT has become the fastest-growing application in history, reaching the milestone of 100 million users in its first few months of public availability. While numbers are not proof of anything, they do reinforce what many have been saying since ChatGPT’s release: we may have reached […]

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Estate Planning Preparation – Checklist

“Everything to each other, and if we both go, to the kids”. Sound familiar? Estate planning is actually far more complicated than this. When preparing for your estate planning meeting with Cox & Palmer there are a number of things to consider.  The checklist below will serve as a helpful tool. Estate Planning Preparation – […]

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Public Policy and Wills: How Do They Interact?

In the matter of Spence v. BMO Trust Company, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice was asked to set aside a Will for public policy reasons. The evidence suggested that the deceased disinherited his daughter because the father of the daughter’s child was Caucasian. After reviewing the evidence and applicable legal principles, the Court concluded that the Will was void and should be set aside.

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