Regulated Professions

Regulated Professions

Cox & Palmer lawyers throughout Atlantic Canada serve as legal counsel to professional organizations, regulated and self-regulated bodies, practitioners, and insurers. We are proud of our reputation for providing effective advice on all manner of professional regulation, policy development, regulatory compliance, governance and civil matters.

And our experience defending and prosecuting matters of professional discipline allows us to serve a wide range of clients across the spectrum of professions.

Our multi-disciplinary platform allows us to draw on the expertise of lawyers who specialize in employment and labour, privacy, corporate and commercial, litigation, and administrative law throughout the region. Our comprehensive understanding of trends, issues and options in the regulated professions context, together with personalized, accessible service, offer our clients the confidence they want to find the resolution they need.

Articles & Insights

Recent Ontario Superior Court decision reminds professionals that there are limits on freedom of expression when making public statements

The recent decision of Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice in Peterson v. College of Psychologists of Ontario, 2023 ONSC 4685, reminds professionals that their right of free speech under Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms is not unlimited and, further, that professional regulators may sanction members who make public remarks that could be unprofessional or […]

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Required to Register as a Lobbyist? Another 2020 Surprise for Business.

2020 has been marked by a series of significant public health and economic actions by both the federal and provincial governments in Canada in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
In developing these policies, governments engaged and continue to engage with business groups, unions, social groups, and non-governmental agencies in Canada. They have received and continue to receive solicited and unsolicited representations from the public, including businesses, as the policies and programs evolve.

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Professional Regulation in the Era of Social Media: Strom v Saskatchewan Registered Nurses’ Association, 2020 SKCA 112

The long-awaited decision of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal in Strom v Saskatchewan Registered Nurses’ Association, 2020 SKCA 112, was recently released. The decision considers when and if members of a professional association can be sanctioned by their professional association for comments made on social media, as well as whether a professional association can infringe on a member’s Charter-protected freedom of speech in sanctioning members for off-duty conduct.

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