Corporate Services

Across Atlantic Canada, Cox & Palmer offers comprehensive corporate and commercial services. By taking the time to get to know you and your business, we provide service that reflects the unique challenges your business faces. Some of these services include searches and registrations that provide you with a central point of contact and one solution across the region; and incorporations, registrations, continuances, amalgamations or dissolutions of companies, partnerships, joint ventures and other business entities.

Rely on our lawyers across Atlantic Canada for:

  • Name reservations anywhere in Atlantic Canada or federally
  • Incorporation in any jurisdiction of Atlantic Canada or federally
  • Extra-provincial corporate registrations throughout Atlantic Canada
  • Continuation of companies into or out of any provincial jurisdiction of Atlantic Canada
  • Creation of unlimited liability companies, conversion of unlimited liability companies to limited liability companies, and conversion of limited liability companies to unlimited liability companies through our Nova Scotia office
  • Ongoing corporate records maintenance in each of our offices
  • Amalgamation or Dissolution of companies incorporated, amalgamated or continued in Atlantic Canada or federally

Enhanced Direct Access to the Corporations Branches

Our Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador offices have enhanced direct access to the Corporations Branches maintained by their provincial governments, which expedites registrations and incorporations.

Agency Services on Commercial Transactions in Atlantic Canada Include:

  • PPSA searches and registrations including overseeing PMSI notification and registration of notices of security in fixtures.
  • Corporate searches and registrations, including certificates of corporate status.
  • Real property searches, including on-line real property searches, environmental searches, property tax certificates, business occupancy tax certificates and zoning confirmation letters and document retrieval in some jurisdictions.
  • Litigation searches
  • Searches and inquiries with respect to unregistered or statutory liens.
  • Searches of filings made under the Bank Act and Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.

Pauline Babstock

Corporate Paralegal
St. John's

Phone : (709) 570-5552

Rhonda Boyd

Corporate Paralegal

Phone : (506) 453-9668

Dianne Carlisle

Corporate Paralegal

Phone : (506) 453-9639

Debra Conway

Corporate Paralegal
Saint John

Phone : (506) 633-4280

Nadine Dash

Corporate Paralegal

Phone : (902) 491-4456

Kathryn Davison

Corporate Paralegal
Saint John

Phone : (506) 633-4286

Donna Dumville

Corporate Records

Phone : (902) 853-6065

Elizabeth Groothuis

Corporate Paralegal

Phone : (506) 444-9215

Melissa Lemay

Corporate Paralegal
Saint John

Phone : (506) 634-4383

Pearle MacCallum

Corporate Paralegal

Phone : (902) 838-5277

Kendra MacKenzie-Granger

Corporate Services Assistant

Phone : 902 491-4112

Corinna Niekamp (on leave)

Junior Corporate Paralegal

Phone : (902) 491-4138

Caroline Richard

Bilingual Corporate Paralegal

Phone : (506) 856-8176

Heidi Schellen

Corporate Paralegal

Phone : (902) 639-3931

Michele Thomson

Corporate Services Manager

Phone : 902-491-4135

Jo-Ann Welton

Annual Renewal Clerk

Phone : (902) 491-6837

Jason Williamson

Junior Corporate Paralegal

Phone : (902) 491-6831

Paige Younker

Corporate Paralegal

Phone : (902) 888-4573