Estates & Trusts

Our estates and trusts lawyers have a broad range of experience in estate planning and the administration of estates and trusts. Across Atlantic Canada, we provide both personal and business clients with considered advice on:

  • Proper organization of their affairs to preserve capital and minimize taxes.
  • Planning for incapacity through the use of enduring powers of attorney, health care directives and living wills.
  • The use of holding companies and the effective treatment of foreign or multi-jurisdictional assets.

The checklist below will serve as a helpful tool.
Estate Planning Preparation – Checklist

We also advise estate trustees, executors, administrators and/or beneficiaries regarding all litigious or potentially litigious matters relating to estates. For details, visit Estate Litigation.



Articles & Insights

Eligibility to Receive Medical Assistance in Dying

On March 17, 2021, several amendments to the Criminal Code modified the eligibility requirements for access to medical assistance in dying (“MAID”), building on the assisted dying framework first implemented in the Criminal Code in 2016. While the topic has its basis in criminal law, the implications of MAID are relevant to estate planning and […]

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ChatJD, the Promises and Problems of AI in Law

Artificial Intelligence has stolen the spotlight of 2023. In particular, ChatGPT has become the fastest-growing application in history, reaching the milestone of 100 million users in its first few months of public availability. While numbers are not proof of anything, they do reinforce what many have been saying since ChatGPT’s release: we may have reached […]

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