Bill C-69 – A Slightly Unfinished Work in the Newfoundland...

Background Bill C-69 was passed by the Parliament of Canada in June 2019.[1] It was omnibus legislation, a package of both new legislation and amendments to existing legislation. One of the objectives of Bill C-69 was a complete overhaul of the environmental assessment of large resource projects in Canada. It was, and continues to be, a […]

Agreement on the Atlantic Accord

On Monday 1 April 2019 the Government of Canada and the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador announced a deal described as an agreement to amend and update the Atlantic Accord. The 2019 Agreement The original Atlantic Accord, agreed between Canada and the Province in 1985, was a comprehensive document which established the joint management system […]

Nova Scotia: Marine Renewable-energy General Regulations – Important Considerations for...

In continuation of the series of publications on the legislative and regulatory framework being developed for the tidal energy industry in Nova Scotia, this article highlights some important considerations for tidal energy project developers that arise out of the recently promulgated Marine Renewable-energy General Regulations (the “Regulations”) under the Marine Renewable-energy Act (the “Act”) that came into force on January 23, 2018.

Nova Scotia: Marine Renewable Energy Act 2.0 – Amended and...

With 13,300 km of coastline, Nova Scotia is uniquely situated to explore and develop marine renewable energy.

Nova Scotia: Marine Renewable Energy Act – A Synopsis

A synopsis of Nova Scotia’s Marine Renewable Energy Act.

BP Canada Information Session

On May 12th, BP Canada (“BP”) held an information session for potential suppliers in connection with its ongoing offshore exploration program. BP is currently processing seismic data collected over the previous year and is still targeting 2017 to begin exploratory drilling. BP has awarded the contract for an Environmental Impact Assessment (“EIA”) to Stantec and the EIA is currently underway.

Shell Committed to Nova Scotia

Despite the price of oil hovering near $50 per barrel, Shell Canada (“Shell”) has announced it will continue exploring off the coast of Nova Scotia. Shell, along with its partners in the Shelburne Basin exploration project, ConocoPhillips and Suncor, will adhere to their existing plans for this year and the next. Exploratory offshore drilling is expected to commence in 2015.

BP Canada Adds Offshore Partner

BP Canada (“BP”) has partnered with Hess Corporation (“Hess”) in its ongoing offshore oil exploration program. Hess has taken a 40% interest in BP’s work commitment of $1 billion with respect to four deep-water exploration blocks off the coast of Nova Scotia. BP will remain the operator for its four exploration licences, which are located approximately 300 kilometres off the coast of Nova Scotia.

Oil & Gas Update: Shell Canada Ltd. Becomes Joint Venture...

In June of this year, Shell Canada Ltd. (“Shell”) announced that it had entered into an agreement with ConocoPhillips and Suncor Energy to become joint venture partners with respect to the exploration and development of Shell’s $1 billion offshore exploration project in the Shelburne Basin. Shell maintains a 50% interest in six exploration licenses that cover a contiguous area of 19,845 km2 located roughly 300 km off the coast of Nova Scotia and Shell remains the operator of the project.