How do borrowers and lenders manage during an economic downturn?

COVID-19’s impacts on our lives now include massive intrusions into the arrangements between borrowers and lenders. Customers have disappeared. Revenues have disappeared. But financial obligations remain. How can borrowers and lenders work together in these uncertain times to make the best of a bad situation?

Amendments to the New Brunswick Employment Standards Act

On Friday, legislation was passed to amend the Employment Standards Act to provide for an emergency leave to protect workers’ jobs during states of emergency and public health threats.  An Act to Amend the Employment Standards Act (the “Act”) provides that an employer must grant an employee a leave of absence in accordance with the […]

Key Federal Tax Relief Initiatives for Canadian Individual and Corporate...

Summary of the key federal tax relief initiatives that are intended to provide some assistance to Canadian individual and corporate taxpayers, including certain administrative actions taken by the Canada Revenue Agency and the Tax Court of Canada.

Nova Scotia Court Orders Father to Return Child to Mother...

At Cox & Palmer, we are working to ensure that we provide timely and responsive advice to our clients with custody and other family law issues, while keeping you up to date on recent legal decisions.

Nova Scotia Direction Provides Flexibility for Shareholder, Member and Director...

The Nova Scotia government has clarified how incorporated entities can meet both their statutory meeting obligations and abide by pandemic-related public health orders.

Nova Scotia Eviction Moratorium and Rent Deferral

The real estate industry in Nova Scotia has been greatly affected by COVID-19. Consequently, the Nova Scotia government announced several initiatives intended on supporting Nova Scotia businesses and residents including an eviction moratorium and a rent deferral program.

PEI Government Announces Business Adaptation Program Funding

We know that the Covid-19 pandemic has put significant strain on many small and medium sized businesses on Prince Edward Island.  There are many legal questions that business owners and managers have about employee layoffs and support programs, commercial lease relief, refinancing and restructuring, supplier contracts and the like. At Cox & Palmer we have […]

Depressed Market Conditions Present Tax Planning Opportunities

With global economies significantly constrained and markets everywhere in turmoil, it may be prudent to consider whether tax planning is a way in which you can use depressed fair market values to your advantage.

Security for Costs in Estate Litigation

Security for costs is a remedy available to parties defending a claim where, if they were successful in defending the claim, they would fact undue difficulty in collecting a costs award made against the unsuccessful claimant.

April 9, 2020

Client Care and Continued Service at Cox & Palmer

The Cox & Palmer COVID-19 Response Team continues to monitor the current situation closely. These are unprecedented times and we are navigating each day with care and concern.