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Amendments to Nova Scotia’s Marine Renewable Energy Act: Important Updates...

The changes are intended to bring greater clarity to the permitting process and to provide timeframes for approval and notification. Amendments include: greater clarity to language in the Act’s licensing system, clarifying the timelines and processes for incompleteness rejection, approval, and denial of demonstration permits and outlining the Act’s regulatory-making authority to improve administration.

Charting Course on an Unmanned Ship: The Need for Regulatory...

Canada has the world’s longest coastline but, compared to other countries, most notably Norway, our ocean economy —  $31.7 billion annually in gross domestic product and almost 300,000 jobs – is relatively under-developed. The federal government wants to change that. The federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans is developing a “blue economy” strategy intended to […]

Nova Scotia: Can Offshore Aquaculture Be Our Culture?

The potential in Atlantic Canada for economically sustainable aquaculture has been well documented, but getting the industry to flourish remains a challenge and yet an opportunity for the governments in this region.