Case Law Update: Evans v Avalon Ford Sales (1996) Limited

Earlier this year, the Newfoundland and Labrador Court of Appeal unanimously upheld the decision of the Trial Division in Evans v Avalon Ford Sales (1996) Limited.

Tort of Unauthorized Public Disclosure of Private Facts in State...

We have recently learned that the Ontario Superior Court of Justice will be re-visiting the January 2016 decision granting default judgment in the case of Jane Doe 464533 v. ND.

Supreme Court of Canada Rules Future CPP Benefits Not Deductible...

This case dealt with the narrow issue of whether the value of future CPP benefits are deductible under an SEF 44 claim.

Serious and Temporarily Disabling Injuries Satisfy Definition of Minor Personal...

In the decision of Douthwright v. Duffy, 2015 NBQB 224, the 43 year old Douthwright was injured in a serious roll-over accident. Liability was admitted, but the parties differed on damages.

Terminated Employee Entitled to Bonus Payments

An employee in Ontario was awarded bonus payments for the applicable reasonable notice period following a without cause termination despite the bonus plan’s express terms that personal and company objectives must be met and the employee must be actively employed.

Court Denies Plaintiff’s Application to Add Another Plaintiff

The Health Authority sued a contractor and the City of Corner Brook with regards to damage to a hospital building and its contents, due to flooding from a sewer back-up. In their pleadings, the defendants admitted that the Authority owned the building.

Labour Arbitration: When are Damages in Lieu of Reinstatement an...

In the context of a unionized work environment, it is generally the case that when an employee is found to be terminated without cause, the employee is ordered to be reinstated.

The Duty to Mitigate: When is an Employee Required to...

The British Columbia Court of Appeal (the “BCCA”), in Frederickson v Newtech Dental Laboratory Inc., 2015 BCCA 357, overturned the trial judge’s finding that Frederickson had failed to mitigate her damages because she refused to accept an offer of re-employment from her employer, Newtech Dental Laboratory (“Newtech”).

NL Court Finds Employee’s Resignation Was Involuntary

In Evans v Avalon Ford (1996) Limited, 2015 NLTD(G) 100, the employee, Mr. Evans, was Fleet Manager at the Avalon Ford auto dealership, the largest Ford dealership in Atlantic Canada (the “Dealership”), for more than 12 years. On the morning of Thursday, June 10, 2010, a meeting was called by Mr. Wilkins, the Dealership’s owner to discuss an error regarding the delivery of a commercial vehicle without appropriate paperwork being completed.