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Bill C-26: New Cyber Security Obligations for Canadian Businesses Vital...

All Canadian businesses should be aware of the developments in Canadian cyber security law, as the scope of industries to which these new obligations apply is likely to expand over time. Read more:

Omicron Variant at the Forefront of COVID-19 Vaccination Policy Challenge

The recent arbitration decision of Toronto District School Board and CUPE, Local 4400 (Re: PR734 Vaccine Procedure) (the “Decision”) considers the reasonableness of the Toronto District School Board’s (the “TDSB”) COVID-19 vaccination policy while taking into consideration the Omicron variant. It also addresses the question of whether section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights […]

Have Your Contracts Stood Up Against the Pandemic?

The pandemic continues to wreak havoc on many industries. Whether it is supply chain issues, employee absences, or rental disputes, those relationships are all governed by contracts. Halifax litigation lawyer, John Boyle outlines recent court decisions and how to assess your own contracts.

Contractual relationship impacted by COVID-19? Planning on initiating a liability...

In Nova Scotia, generally a person has two years from the date a claim is discovered to begin an action. Those who wait to achieve certainty regarding their claim may find the two year period has already elapsed. In a recent Supreme Court of Canada case the Province of New Brunswick brought a claim against […]

July 26, 2021

Too Big to Fail: Recent Cybersecurity Incidents Highlight Critical Infrastructure...

Click here to view PDF version. As the COVID-19 pandemic and its fallout continues to challenge health care systems, supply chains, and essential services around the world, the growing cybersecurity threat of ransomware must be addressed by policy makers given its potential impact on already strained critical infrastructure networks. What is ransomware? Ransomware is a […]

June 25, 2021

More than Just a Stamp: Proposed Vaccine Passports Raise Privacy...

Click here to view PDF version. As the number of Canadians receiving COVID-19 vaccines continues to rise, vaccine passports are now sparking discussion as a means to return to “normal”.  However, privacy commissioners and ombudspersons across Canada have stressed that these proposed tools raise a host of privacy and data security concerns, many of which […]

Safe House? How Smart Home Devices Pose Digital Security Risks

Our increased focus on online connectivity has also created new cybersecurity risks regarding the unauthorized access and use of sensitive information. These threats are heightened by the fact that many Canadians were already vulnerable before the pandemic given their use of smart home devices.

Mandatory Masking Human Rights Complaint Rejected

The requirement to wear face masks in public indoor settings to curb the spread of COVID-19, subject to certain  exemptions, has resulted in a surge of human rights complaints across the country in the context of both accessing services and employment. Based on the large volume of complaints and the public interest regarding mandatory mask-wearing […]

Breach of COVID-19 Policy Justifies Termination

COVID-19 has dominated our world for the past year. It has touched every facet of our lives. It has resulted in ever-changing rules, policies and procedures being implemented that affect the way we work, shop, socialize and engage in extra-curricular activities. Employers, in particular, have been required to radically change the way things have always […]

Privacy Gets Pricey: Rising GDPR Fines and the Risks Facing...

Canadian companies doing business with partners based in the EU – and where personal data collection, use and/or disclosure could take place – cannot lose sight of the impact the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) may have on their operations, especially when it comes to the cost of non-compliance.