How to Prepare for Coronavirus in the Workplace

As global concerns are on the rise, and in light of yesterday’s news of the first presumptive case of Coronavirus in Atlantic Canada, employers in this region should consider how to respond if the Coronavirus presents within the workplace. What is Coronavirus? COVID-19, commonly referred to as Coronavirus, is a virus which may cause symptoms […]

Update: An Overview of Parental and Maternity Leave in Atlantic...

In June 2018, we published an article, Recent Changes Affect Parental and Maternity Leave in Atlantic Canada. That article included a chart which summarized the benefits in each province. Since that time, there have been changes, and we have updated the chart below to reflect the current information. Please see below for an updated overview of […]

Recent Changes Affect Parental and Maternity Leave in Atlantic Canada

In December 2017, the federal government introduced major changes to maternal and parental employment insurance (EI) benefits.

Pregnancy Quips Perpetuate Gender Discrimination

Yes, it’s 2017, but gender discrimination continues to persist in many workplaces. Discrimination in employment on the basis of gender is contrary to human rights legislation and leaves an employer vulnerable to liability for its wrongful conduct.

Substantial Changes to Employment for Employee Returning from Maternity Leave...

Dealing with employees who take maternity and/or paternity leave and then return to the workplace can be challenging for employers. However, the ability of parents to take maternity and/or paternity leave, and return to their employment, is a legislated right.

Employers Appealing EI Decisions: Do So At Your Own Risk

Many employers find themselves in a difficult position when they are advised by Service Canada that an employee they terminated for just cause has applied, and been approved, for Employment Insurance (“EI”) benefits.