August 16, 2019

So You Want to Start a Brewery or Distillery? Things...

Corporate Structure Consider the best ownership structure for you and your partners. Below are several options for how to set up your business and the advantages and disadvantages associated with each, taking into account factors such as personal liability and income tax implications. Sole Proprietorship One individual is the sole owner of the business. Advantages: […]

Voluntary use of Nice Classification in Canadian Trade-mark Applications Begins

As of September 28, 2015 , the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) has begun accepting Canadian trade-mark applications that use the Nice Classification.

Canadians Play Nice…Classification that is: Canadian IP Office will begin...

Canada has been somewhat of a laggard when it comes to the accession and implementation of international trade-mark treaties, but this is changing. While discussion has carried on for years, a serious push began in 2014 to implement three key trade-mark treaties

Border Measures of Anti-Counterfeiting Legislation Now in Force

The existence of counterfeit products often signify that a particular brand or product has ‘made it’: it is now sufficiently popular that someone is making knock-offs. Of course, counterfeits are a nuisance for legitimate rights holders and indeed harmful to consumers, who may not get the product they expect (and certainly without the usual warranties, etc. that legitimate products carry).