Law Society of New Brunswick’s Newest Life Members

July 17, 2013

David T. Hashey, QC, of Cox & Palmer’s Fredericton office, has recently been honoured as a life member of the Law Society of New Brunswick. David has been practicing law in New Brunswick for 50 years.

Over his five decades as a lawyer, David, has contributed to his community and to his profession in numerous ways. David was the recipient of the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Wild Atlantic Salmon Conservation and the Lee Samis Award of Excellence from the Canadian Defence Lawyers. David was recognized by the leading Defence Law Association in Canada for exceptional contributions in the legal profession in general and in particular, to jurisprudence in Canada on the law of insurance.

David continues to be one of the most distinguished litigators in New Brunswick, held in high esteem by his colleagues and by the Bench. David is a mentor to our students, associates and partners, all while continuing a full-time legal practice and even sneaking in the odd round of golf.

We are also reminded at this time of our late colleague David M. Norman, QC, who was honoured by the Law Society of New Brunswick as well, and whom we will hold in our thoughts. David practiced law in New Brunswick for 50 years.

David was a leading member of the New Brunswick litigation bar and enjoyed a national reputation. He embodied our profession’s highest ethical and professional standards. He was a dedicated lawyer who was passionate about the law. David is remembered for his gentlemanly manner and great sense of humor.

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