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How do borrowers and lenders manage during an economic downturn?

COVID-19’s impacts on our lives now include massive intrusions into the arrangements between borrowers and lenders. Customers have disappeared. Revenues have disappeared. But financial obligations remain. How can borrowers and lenders work together in these uncertain times to make the best of a bad situation?

A Mixed Grill: 2016 Mid-Market Technical Update

This paper offers a summary of important bankruptcy and insolvency case law from the last 12 months. Included are a variety of cases from Atlantic Canada, Ontario, and Alberta.

The Latest on Crowdfunding Exemptions in Nova Scotia and New...

Several Canadian securities regulators, including those in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, have been busy formulating a structure to make it possible to purchase and sell securities through crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding in New Brunswick

Equity crowdfunding provides an innovative, fresh and new opportunity for entrepreneurs to fund their start up corporations in New Brunswick. However, the legal implications and ramifications can be complicated. Outlined below are a few issues that any entrepreneur will want to consider before entering the equity crowdfunding universe.