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This Month in Family Law Feature: Barendregt v Grebliunas

Barendregt v Grebliunas, 2022 SCC 22 Justices Wagner, Richard; Moldaver, Michael J.; Karakatsanis, Andromache; Côté, Suzanne; Brown, Russell; Rowe, Malcolm; Martin, Sheilah; Kasirer, Nicholas; Jamal, Mahmud Subject matter: Evidence on Appeal | Custody | Relocation This appeal concerns a mother’s application to relocate the children from their father’s home in Kelowna, British Columbia, to her […]

Contractual relationship impacted by COVID-19? Planning on initiating a liability...

In Nova Scotia, generally a person has two years from the date a claim is discovered to begin an action. Those who wait to achieve certainty regarding their claim may find the two year period has already elapsed. In a recent Supreme Court of Canada case the Province of New Brunswick brought a claim against […]

December 19, 2019

Supreme Court of Canada sets out New Framework in Assessing...

What is the “standard of review”? In considering a challenge to the decision of an arbitrator, tribunal or other administrative body, whether by appeal or judicial review, this is always a fundamental question. Yet, finding the right answer has remained one of the most confusing legal questions out there. This has resulted in seemingly inconsistent […]