Message of Solidarity

June 5, 2020

George Floyd of Minneapolis was killed on May 25, 2020. His death, along with other recent and obvious racially motivated crimes, has shone a very bright light on racial injustice and inequality and has sparked protests throughout the US, Canada and around the world.

As a firm, we typically avoid commenting on public events. These are not typical times and all of our voices must be heard. We must speak in solidarity with those to whom injustice has been done and with those who, in our communities and throughout the world, seek change. As lawyers, we seek to do justice, yet all too often, through our silence we have permitted injustices to flourish. We need to do better.

We are proud of the many things our firm has done on both a local and regional level with respect to diversity and inclusion, but we can and must do more. We must respond to this call-to-action, be unified in the fight against racism and take tangible actions toward creating a more diverse and equitable workplace. The work to be done includes consultation, education, awareness, policy, advocacy and most importantly, the desire and willingness to do better. And of course, it requires those of us with unearned and immense privileges to listen, reflect and learn.

In the coming months, Cox & Palmer will work to strengthen our diversity and inclusion initiatives, as well as identify opportunities for additional steps which we can implement. Change does not come overnight and will not come without effort. None of us has a magic formula. With humility, caring and compassion, we will have better days ahead.