Cox & Palmer Participates in Odyssey Live! 24 Books in 24 Hours

January 6, 2010

Four Halifax lawyers are participating in Odyssey Live! – a live reading of all 24 books of Homer’s Odyssey that starts at 7.00 PM on Friday, January 22 and ends at 7.00 PM on Saturday, January 23. The event, a fundraiser in support of Halifax Humanities 101, involves 24 teams each tackling a book of the Odyssey and reading it aloud to an assembled audience.

At 3.00 PM on the Saturday, Anthony Chapman, Dan Ingersoll, Heather Oke, and Rebekah Powell will complete Book 21 – Odysseus Strings His Bow – with each taking on a character part. Odyssey Live! is being held at the University of Kings College Alumni Hall.

Halifax Humanities 101 is an eight-month education outreach program offered to adults living in poverty. Participants, taught by university professors who volunteer their time, attend twice weekly classes at the North Branch Library on Gottingen Street in Halifax. Every barrier to learning is removed in this free of charge program so students may develop self-confidence, critical thinking abilities, and feel a sense of community based not on common experiences of poverty and exclusion but on a shared love of favourite thinkers, artists, and composers.