Alanna Taylor Receives Licensed Adoption Agent Designation

November 3, 2010

Charlottetown partner, Alanna Taylor recently became an adoption agent licensed by the PEI, Director of Child Welfare. She can facilitate adoptions within Canada where one party is a resident of PEI.

As a licensed adoption agent, Alanna can match birth parents with adoptive parents and arrange for an adoption home study. In most provinces a home study is the first step in the adoption process. It is a comprehensive report that a social worker asks prospective adoptive parents to complete. The home study provides background information about the prospective parents, assess their skills and talents and recommends whether or not the individuals are fit to adopt.

Alanna completed adoptions through her practice in family law prior to receiving this designation. Becoming a licensed adoption agent allows her to liaise with both the adoptive and birth parents. Prior to receiving the designation, Alanna would represent one party or the other and work with the adoption agent on behalf of her clients.

Alanna considers her work as an adoption agent the most rewarding part of her law practice.